Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This post covers the mini-celebrations I attended during the two weekends that passed by (just like that) before the last one, if that makes any sense. In short, September 19-20 and 24-27! Haha!

Two birthdays no less!

For the third weekend of September, my college friends and I got into a food binge courtesy of Antoniette Pulutan, my shuggy shug shug, the celebrator. Lol. She insisted we go on her birthday, so as much as we didn’t want to, we had no choice. Lol. As if. We were all actually pretty excited because we knew we’d have a lot of tasty food to munch on since Ago’s already very good at cooking. And it’s always a chance for good belly laughs with the mates so why the heck not!
Sad as it is, we don’t get to be together very often anymore. Even sadder is the fact that rarely do we get to be this many when we hang out anymore. You know, life gets in the way. So when we get a chance like this, we choose to just stay locked like sardines in a room and make the most of the catching up. So much noise pollution, so little room! Haha! But so very happy!
Surprise of the day: Txeca, our old classmate, made an appearnce! Woots! Hello, Txeca! Great to see you again!
Wacky Class Picture!
Thank you to Ago and the Pulutans for the hospitality!

The following weekend was a long one because of the two holidays declared (Yulo Day and Eid Al Adha) which I didn’t spend wisely because I was just at home 70% of the time.

I opened it with a late dinner at this newly opened restaurant near where I work – Bugong Bistro. People in this bistro mainly offer Thai cuisine. It was my first time there, and I have to say their servings are scrumptious and generous. Their chicken with flavored rice, pasta with meatballs and poori pockets are so good!

The rest of the next three days was spent entirely at home reading Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story. I was okay with spending the days I was off at home because it was my decision to be a homebody. It’s nice being an introvert sometimes, effortless and relaxing. :)
More about this book on a separate post!
Though Basty’s 1st birthday was really last September 28, it was celebrated a day earlier to accommodate guests who had work/school on Mondays. It was a simple kiddie party enjoyed by family and friends alike.
Basty is becoming more and more adorable as days go by. He never fails to be the attraction wherever he may be. I’m glad to see him grow up a loving, healthy and family-oriented child. He makes me feel proud and grateful to be her godmother. And while it’s still doable to carry him in my arms, I’ll just enjoy every chance I can get to cradle him, as I play with his teeny-tiny hands and face. And make him laugh and dance without complaining. :)


Happy October to all of us! Can you believe it’s already October?!

*Photos by Justine, Antoniette, Heidizel, and yours truly!

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