Friday, October 23, 2015

The Happy List: Random List #6

I figured it’s time for another round of happy things! Why not?!
  1. The view of lit Christmas lanterns lined in front of our house every night, one thing I look forward to when I go home these days, life so bright :)
  2. Despedida party for Tita Hazel and Heidi! This was actually rather bittersweet, but I decided to include it here because it had been such a delightful get-together with an outpour of good vibes and food all night and day, so there… Wishing a safe flight for them both!
  3. Pool party. I realized I've been so into the beach lately (not that I'm complaining) that it felt refreshing when I got back to the pool. Pools are cool as well. Hehe.
  4. All my Viber group chats(!!!) because my friends post the most randomly hilarious things ever, from making fun of friends to making fun of boyfriends to cracking the greenest jokes ~ boring days become crazy because of them hahaha
  5. Fridates!
  6. Casual movie date with Mommy and the boyfriend, too cute hihi
  7. Seeing them getting along really well
  8. Chill life at Unit 104 #thuglyf lol
  9. Making ends meet no matter what
  10. Prep and pack time for yet another weekend adventure, so exciting!
  11. Regularly saying “I love you” to Daddy on the phone and slowly outgrowing the awkwardness in saying it
  12. Dwelling in the truth that I am actually really very happy. Like if anyone will ask me right now, I can unblinkingly answer that person pointblank that I am happy because that’s what I really am, genuinely happy  (despite life’s other businesses hehehe)

Let the good life keep on rolling! :)

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