Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Happy List: Random List #5

It’s been a long time since I last wrote something from this thread, time to be reminded of happy things again!
Daddy's leaving again, but I'm just grateful that we got to spend time with him.
Safe travels, Father! :)
Photo by Tita Evelyn
  1. Beach trip memories never failing to make me smile and helping me get by on an ugly day
  2. The beautiful epiphany that, unlike my previous confusion that it’s merely because people like to drag me to these places, I actually find myself genuinely relaxed when away, on the beach, with the best scenery staple all over me – turquoise ocean, blue skies, magenta dusks, lush greens 
  3. Online orders delivered on our doorstep a day earlier, yaaasss
  4. Said orders being really cute and pretty
  5. Ber months AGAIN! ALREADY! BRRR!
  6. Burgasm that comes cheap with the mushrooming of unique, small-scale burger joints around my area ~ can’t feel my nape hahahaha
  7. Finding time for movies again
  8. Upcoming hangout with the college mates, the keepers of my balance, this weekend
  9. Moments spent at home, just being at home, with everyone, the whole family
  10. Listening to Mommy and Daddy exchange childhood memories, what a precious chance
  11. Comfortably and trustingly sharing a part of me to someone
  12. Dates with the boyfriend/bestfriend – dinner or lunch, planned or spontaneous, grand or just at home, eventful or just us playing a fool of each other, doesn’t matter – I’ll never get tired of them anyways
  13. Coming up with this list of happy things so quickly because happy things are everywhere! :)

Hope everyone’s having a nice day! :)

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