Friday, August 1, 2014

The Happy List: Random List #2

  1. My birthday! Best thing about July! How did it go you ask? Pretty awesome I must say. J Celebrated simply but made memorable by the presence of and thoughtful greetings from loved ones. Actually, said birthday had been celebrated, as I would like to see it, in a series of dates with different sets of people. The happiness in my birthday couldn’t be contained in one day because I couldn’t accommodate all loved ones in one go, as I would always want to make sure to spend real quality time with each. But hey, don’t get me wrong, nobody’s complaining. Here’s a #1 fan of socials. Haha!
  2. Pandin Lake! Pandin Lake! Pandin Lake!
  3. Vertical Horizon x Blink 182 x Third Eye Blind x Semisonic x Puddle of Mudd first thing in the morning, before bed or just about anytime I feel like it, while finishing chores or while drinking something with my back on the set. Nothing like the 90s alternative to get all the senti feels going.
  4. Quality time. *winks*
  5. Sisig. In which I have developed some unexplainable craving that I luckily get to satisfy just in time for the unluckily next craving. Oh, tummy.
  6. Getting back to reading again finally! After monthsss of being on a reading slump. Currently re-reading Bared To You in preparation for the two sequels.
  7. Cupcakes and pixies.
  8. Sbarro, Transformers 4 and really comfy seats and floors. (Successfully trumped up all the hassles.)
  9. Openness to friends and the overwhelming acceptance and happiness from them.
  10. The resilience and optimism of Filipinos during and after GlendaPH. 
It gets easier to overlook chaotic times, dark nights, peeled roofs, and fallen trees knowing that the likes of the abovementioned little things matter more.

Life is always worth living.

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