Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pandin Lake: Post-Birthday Quickie

Short but sweet.

That’s how I would describe last Sunday’s getaway in a not-so-far-away paradise – lo and behold, Pandin Lake. Being one of the seven lakes found in San Pablo City, Laguna, Pandin is a lake that boasts of a very nice greenery that wholly surrounds it. A first peek at the place and it’s definitely the first thing that would make anyone go woah. The water and the mass of trees that makes for a great backdrop, that with the blue sky over it, they complement each other flawlessly. Oh, there’s nothing like it.
And in that beauty, in that lake perfection that I just described, was where I had my post-birthday celebration with friends. I couldn’t have celebrated it anywhere else better. Lucky me! 
The place was one thing, but the experience was a whole other story.
When we toured the lake, we were on a balsa – with a freaking kubo on it – just the coolest thing. And while we were drinking in Pandin’s beauty and chillin’ on a balsa, with a halo-halo in hand, seafoods and ensalada on the table and Magic!’s Rude on the speaker, we couldn’t help but say This is the life! for it really was. Sarap!
The rest of the lake adventure was spent playing with a swing made out of a tree’s long and curved branch, jumping to the deep, deep water (shout out to the inventor of life vests hahaha) which was amazingly not that cold and not that warm either, singing along to Sam Smith (whose songs were so unfitting to our trip but didn’t matter anymore for as long as we had something we could sing along to), and gobbling down plates of tilapia, shrimp and ensalada. What a happy birthday indeed!
We also got to see Yambu Lake, another one of the seven, which was separated from Pandin on one side only by a tall mass of soil which we had to hike. It was also very nice. Glad to have officially seen the third of the seven lakes.
I'm not sure if this much appreciation came as a result of not being aware that these beauty and arrangement would be what would welcome us or if it really was just an amazing place, but I am honestly more inclined to agree with the latter. 
I thank my friends for always bringing me to nice places. I think I wouldn’t be able to be this much of an adventurer without the companionship and boost from these spirited people. And though we had very limited time, it had still been a good time with them. 
We capped off the day playing Uno Cards at Kreng’s. Truly memorable as I was the sore loser of the last game who had to dance as a punishment. Oh boy, just my luck! 
I’ll be thinking about Pandin for days, that’s for sure.

*Thanks to Kreng and Jerome for the photos!

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