Sunday, June 15, 2014

To the Dad who…

  • happens to be the coolest father there is with all his calm and composed disposition (Things may have already gone south, but he would just be standing there quietly listening to some song while thinking of something to make things better.)
  • I’d rather be with when shopping than Mommy because he knows just where to go exactly. (That and he gives me all the freedom to choose whatever I want.)
  • always, always smells so good – even after he has dusted off every dirt in every corner of every room in the house
  • tells stories in the gayest, funniest way
  • whenever he curses me, makes me laugh hard instead of making me feel offended (I know, we could be a weird bunch. Harhar.)
  • cooks the yummiest Pastel in the world – with too much melted cheese, just the way I like it
  • has better taste in brands than anyone in the family
  • pampers, or better yet, spoils me all the time (Hahahaha!)
  • just can’t say no to her only daughter (Yeah, unica hija perks! Haha!)
  • I first tell about my plans because I know he wouldn’t argue with me, or would argue then give in eventually
  • whenever he is home and I am not yet, would wait outside for me until I get home, rain or shine!
  • remains to be the figure everyone in the family ultimately looks up to and listens to
  • teaches us life lessons in the most laid back way (You know, no pressure really.)
  • still calls me his “little girl” even at this age (Probably until forever)
  • sacrifices being with his family just to be the good provider that he is supposed to be
  • just like mom, loves us unconditionally
Happy Father’s Day! You are my hero!


I have been getting into list-type posts lately because they are just so easy to write. I hope this is not getting any boring because that would totally suck. Haha!

Bye for now! xx

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