Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Happy List: Random List #1

I found out about this great idea on Nothing Spaces and Wild Spirit, and then I got inspired to start writing my own series of happy things. Why? Because it is what it is, a simple yet loud reminder of the good things, the little joys, that materialize day in and day out. It is refreshing and cathartic to find out that there are actually far more happy happenings around us than we initially think if we only choose to look closely. This also is a great way to get the cheery spirit back on down days particularly.
Today I begin with my first ever happy list, and I am writing this with a big, big smile on my face.
  1. The few, precious cold nights in summer
  2. Coca-Cola and that burning feeling in my throat when I gulp it down. Yes, I can be that shallow.
  3. Puerto Galera and Batangas memories
  4. Long, random conversations that shift from being all funny to all serious and back to all funny again with my favorite person
  5. Cheap but cute stuff. Super steal!
  6. Washing the dishes and sweeping the floor sometimes
  7. Unplanned lunch-outs, dinners, hangouts. I hate my bloated tummy, but a good company and good food! Who could resist that?!
  8. Bullying and being bullied back by the pamangkins
  9. The honesty that comes from me
  10. Messaging friends on a random night, even when I don’t really have anything to say, because I want them to know I remember them, and vice versa.
  11. Seeing that traffic is at its worst and knowing I have nowhere else to be but at home. Hallelujah.
  12. The BK Flame-grilled Cheeseburger bondings. Plus large fries.
I love this. There are just a lot of things to write it's impossible to contain them in one post. I urge everyone to make a list. Let's spread happy things and thoughts!

And while you're at it, you might also want to read other people's lists because they are just so inspiring.

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