Thursday, May 29, 2014


I was back at the beach again — oh, the place I always long to be at.

But it was my first time, surely not my last, in that island.

White Beach, Puerto Galera is such a treat to the eyes. And the soul.
One must roam around and explore the other surrounding islands to fully enjoy the wonder because there’s where the real treasure lies – within all the little and bigger things as a whole.
Island hopping and snorkeling were the true highlights of the trip. We were brought from one virgin island to another. And though I didn’t get to know the names of those islands, they would surely remain in my memory forever. I will never forget such incredible places. The whole time we were on the boat I felt like I was a part of a flawless painting. I couldn’t believe such beauty was alive. I relished every second of the experience.
It was my first time to go snorkeling, and I had a wonderful time. Wonderful actually doesn’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed everything underwater. It was paradise in there! 
The fishes have a world of their own down under. The corals and the reefs, they are so amazing to look at. Playing with the fishes, or should I say distracting schools of tiny fishes, was a different thing all together. They were countless. It felt good being a part of them even for a while. I wished I didn’t have to leave, I didn’t want to. But we had to go to another island so I lifted my head off the water. We were still lucky, though, because our kuya bangkero was accommodating enough to invite us to go snorkeling again in the next island we visited, eagerly showing off what he knows while my friend and I were either surprised or amazed at new discoveries. So we continued where we left off, in another yet as paradise-like underwater world. I swam and snorkeled until I couldn’t anymore. I got dizzy after. My tan body was in pain, but every sore muscle was worth it. Plus, I saw Dory! Two Dories! They were blue and cute. J
Muro-ami moment.
The underwater cave only covered a few minutes of our time, but it surely was where all the hysteria happened. So we all thought it was easy-peasy. It wasn’t. Our panicking while on hike and inside the cave worsened things. It was a fun frenzy.
Puerto Galera comes alive at night. And though we didn’t spend much time exploring the night life that Puerto is best known for, the short while we had strolling around the long stretch of bars and shops proved just how crazy things could get. From station to station, people took in all the good vibes. Strobe lights added life to the already cheerful atmosphere along with all the extremely well-practiced fire dancers showing off their skills and the tireless drag queens fiercely dancing and singing to different beats. As for the entertainers, after seeing what they’ve been doing night in and night out, I have nothing but respect for them, for their discipline and skills.
Guy on the left - Photobomber of the Year.
The people I was with in that three-day spree were nothing short of fun. Needless to say, I had a really superb summer break. It was good having my first time with them, always so memorable. I thank them for bringing me to new places.
I know the photos are just amazing, but trust me when I say they can’t describe just how breathtaking and awe-inspiring Puerto Galera really is. The pictures don’t even come close. Everywhere I looked, whichever way I turned my head, there was always something unbelievably beautiful. In every rock, tree, sand, fish, coral, and reef there was always a “woah” moment. People who have already been there ought to agree.
Genuine happiness.
I miss Puerto Galera, and this is my answer to the yearning.

I hope next time I miss it, I get to be there again in the flesh.

*Thanks to Jerome, Antoniette and Maricris for the beautiful shots!

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