Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nasugbu: First of Summer 2014

I once again got in touch with the waters and the sand.

This time I was in Nasugbu.
The weeks leading to and following this trip have been super nippy. And that week of the trip when it got summery hot, we thought the warm season would continue, but we were wrong. Maybe nature just gave us that good weather for a week, so we could enjoy Nasugbu. We were lucky kids nature was on our side. 
Nasugbu is a wonder hidden in Batangas. I must admit that the travel was long, the trip tedious and the road steep, but it was all worth it. The view alone compensated for all the hassle. There were lots of blues and greens around – the water, the sky, the trees. It is also overlooking other islands, and from afar, they look splendid and mysterious. The sand is not that white, but it is very fine – heaven to thy feet. It has a rocky portion where sitting and chatting felt just about the right thing to do when there.
Despite all these good things about Nasugbu, the most beautiful part of it still has to be the sunset. It’s the thing that truly stuck with me. We were at the beach, and everything that was in front of us was the endless sea and the clouds above. There was nothing that could block the view, which was why it was perfect. It was dusk, so we saw the sky change colors. The sun turned from yellow to orange, as it set. It was a beautiful process, really beautiful, but it was also really quick. I learned that now that I have given it so much observation.
I am truly happy that I shared this experience with the people who are just as nature-loving creatures as I am. Because we share the same enthusiasm with what the beach can offer, it becomes easier to just forget the qualms we have and just do whatever it is we feel like doing. Because together, doing crazy antics doesn’t look so bad and embarrassing. People would remember the group but not the people in it; the group itself is the camouflage.
A little something to all of us girls from Je. Thank you. :)
The beach always has that calming effect on me. More than witnessing it is experiencing it. Sure we swim in the same sea and walk on the same sand, but what truly make the experience personal and special are the degree of connection we make with nature and the people we are with.
It’s weird how I go all wild and fun when I’m actually at the beach, but when I start thinking and writing about it, I suddenly get all sentimental and over-appreciative.

I guess I’ll always just find myself out there every summer looking for something beautiful out of the breeze and the waves. Marveling at the effortlessness of every beach’s beauty is the reward itself.

Summer has just begun.

*Thanks to Jerome and Maricris for the photos!

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