Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LPL Foundation Week: Cheering Competition and HOTSPOT #GrandAlumniHomecoming

“Today is a day for change.”

We knew the moment Ms. A uttered those words that it was our day, that the thing we’ve all been wanting for the longest time is now ours. FINALLY.

We won the championship. CAS Pep Squad is this year’s champion. Just saying it still sends chills right up to my neck. I was not able to watch their performance live (I was late), but I saw a video of it. It was the most beautiful performance of CAS I’ve seen. It was the cleanest – the stunts, the routines and the aura. It did not feel like the kids were nervous at all. They were very confident that it showed in their dance. All there was was positive energy from the kids who were pouring their hearts out. Goosebumps.

I was there when the announcement was made. We, the alumni, were there. We were holding onto our seats, holding hands, getting ready for what was to come. From the second runner-up to the champion, they were called – College of Engineering, College of Allied Medicine and boom College of Arts and Sciences! What followed was frenzy. Everyone from the CAS went to the center of the gym. The pep members, students, professors, and alumni went all bonkers in the middle of it all without a care in the world. We won, and that was all that mattered right then. We won, and we savored every second of it. It was a sweet victory we could taste in our systems. February 22 is a day that would forever mark in our hearts. I am glad I witnessed it; I am lucky I was a part of it. Congratulations, CAS Pep! All for the love of God!

The fun did not end there, though. That night we were also there for HOTSPOT #GrandAlumniHomecoming. This happening, organized by the Alumni Society in cooperation with Palaestra Consortio, was something we were also looking forward too, as it was an event planned when my classmates and I were still volunteers of the org. Kudos to Sarah, Ate Clarize, Liezette, AlumniSoc, Palaestra Consortio, Alumni officers, and volunteers for a job well done!

It was ironically refreshing to see old faces, especially those ates and kuyas from our college. The hellos and how-are-yous were genuine. There were fewer attendees compared to the first homecoming (and we weren’t alumni yet at the time), but it was fun nonetheless because at least majority of them was from our department. That’s how much we love these gatherings. J
The videos shown and photos flashed before us brought nostalgic delight and sentiment. We were such totoys and nenes. We saw how drastically we changed not just physically but in general. We missed the activities, together with all the fun that went with them, we had back then. We were such active, crazy schoolers.
And after watching that promotional video of LPL, I became an even prouder Lycean. The vid talked about the kind of education that LPL offers. It discussed the root of the institution’s mission and vision. It’s a very simple video, but I, as its graduate, believe it covers all the aspects of the wonderful learning and experiences I’ve had in the four years I studied there that I think it will make for a very effective form of promoting its cause and purpose.

I was happy to be back. I had so much fun. It is these events that make Lyceum a place I would always want to come back to.

Photo sources: Jerome Satera
                       AlumniSociety Lpl         

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