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I have loved Russell Brand ever since. He has always stricken me as someone oozing with a strong personality. J The only thing is, I know nothing else about him aside from the fact that he is a comedian and used to be with Katy Perry. Haha! But I’ve always felt that he has an interesting life, that's why I decided to give his book a go.

My Booky Wook is Russell Brand’s own quirky memoir of drugs, sex and stand-up comedy.  In this book, he mainly relates to the readers how he came about getting addicted to drugs and sex and how he managed to deal with them through comedy. This is also about his life with his family, junkie buddies, hookers, girlfriends, talent agents, and savior friends. 
I shall have heroin, but I shan't have a hamburger.  – Russell Brand (on being a vegetarian) (HAHAHAHA!)

Obviously, My Booky Wook fed me with a whole bunch of new and old things about Russell Brand that I didn’t know yet before I read it.

And I was right! He does have a very, very interesting life! It gave me the feeling that if I were friends with him (I wish!), there wouldn't be any dull moments. It’s like something unusual is always bound to happen with him around. Haha! I love all his crazy adventures and misadventures! J

I felt like I was just having a long, long conversation with him while reading. Yep, I was imagining Russell opening up and talking to me with his sexy British accent, which I absolutely love by the way. You read that right, mate. Gosh, that would be such a treat. Haha! 
I can say that he is a natural comedian because, even in the way he had written his bio, it's still in a comedic/light fashion. Or maybe he really just has a funny and crazy life. Whichever, I love him just the same. This guy breathes comedy. Or should I say, he is comedy. Hahaha!

His naughty encounters, as a kid and as a kid at heart, were so cute and funny. Hahaha! The things he did would surely not set a good example and should make him look bad, but he told them in such cool and adorable fashion that their degree of awfulness is less. They made me go bonkers about him more, instead. Haha!

I loved the clippings he added – old photos of him, pages from his diary, copy of his evaluation forms, posters of his shows. They gave the memoir a more personal feel. I especially liked the poem he wrote for his nan. He has a soft spot for his nan, which I found very sweet. J
On a serious note, the book didn't make me feel like I should be sympathizing with him because of everything that happened to him. I mean, sure, he’d been through so much, but he didn’t write this book to get the reader’s sympathy. I don’t think so.

I admire that he really is into stand-up comedy and acting. In fairness, he takes his career seriously. He didn’t let go of it even during the times when he was almost out of himself due to addiction. It was actually what saved him. J

The part which got stuck on my head was when he realized that his little misdeeds as a child was a prelude to the greater misdemeanors he had as an adult. He saw how the things he did in the past as a kid would lead to the kind of person he is now. I think it’s a very interesting observation, and it’s something we could all use in our lives. J

He may be funny and all. He may sound like he’s just joking, but when you listen close, you realize his words have substance. Gosh, I love him. Haha!

I think many of the boundaries that convention has placed upon us are arbitrary, so we can fiddle with them if we fancy. Gravity's hard to dispute, and breathing, but a lot of things we instinctively obey are a lot of old tosh. – Russell Brand

The only thing I did not like much about it was the fact that I wasn't familiar with some of the people and shows he mentioned in the book. Even if there were footnotes, I still kind of found it hard to understand. Hahaha! (Well, this is a lack on my part. I should read more! NO TO IGNORANCE! Haha!)

His story may be compared to a roller coaster ride – full of ups and downs, sometimes nauseous and, most of time, wild. J

I love Russell Brand more now! Such a clown! J

Bye for now, feller. I’m going to indulge myself with more of Russell Brand by watching clips of him doing stand-up comedy and some of his TV shows. You should, too! Thank God for YouTube. Haha!

I have also been watching a bit of his Brand X with Rusell Brand on cable.  J

Forward ever, backward never. – Mr. Gee

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