Saturday, October 15, 2011


100711. friday.

i just finished reading the book today while i'm in the bus on my way home from the interview. haha!

it's another good way of refreshing myself. i have been too consumed by the murder killings of james patterson and the conspiracy cases of john grisham.

basically, THE WEDDING is about LOVE. isn't it obvious from the title? haha! it's about regaining a love that was taken for granted for many, many years. 

the plot is a simple one. doesn't have much twists, doesn't have much revelations until you get near the end of the novel. the ending was the bomb. haha! it's soo sweet! as in! haha!

i think the more in love the reader is, the more he/she'll be able to connect and relate to the story. as i see it, this novel is more on touching the emotions of the readers. he wants the readers to be in love or to at least let them feel what real love is.

this novel is actually the continuation of "The Notebook." THE WEDDING's lead character, jane, is the daughter of allie and noah. the story started when wilson, jane's husband, suddenly realizes what is now happening to their marriage and what has become of their relationship after almost three decades. then, he thinks of ways to bring back the spark and magic of their love story. this has something to do with the upcoming wedding of their daughter, anna. as the preparation for anna's wedding progresses so is wilson's plan of winning the heart of jane once more. i don't wanna reveal everything about it. don't wanna be a spoiler. if you wanna know, go read it. haha!

moreover, i am somehow taken by the eternal and true love that noah and allie shared. haha! especially on the part of noah when he believed that the swan was really allie. he's already satisfied with what he believes and he did not have to push it to his family if they don't wanna believe him. 

all in all, THE WEDDING is a good read especially when you just wanna do something during your free time. hehe. it doesn't make you think too much. everything is laid out in front of you (which is why i like it. haha!). 

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  1. Nicholas Sparks for the win! :)) This is one of my favorite works from NS since a character did not die plus the twist at the near end of the story is a surprise even for the readers. I would love for NS to make another story like this :)



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