Monday, October 17, 2011

my perceptions on PERCEPTIONS

it was just recently when i found out that i was accepted at Perceptions Inc. it is a pr/advertising/events company. as for me, it's a good company and i can tell by the first time i got there that perceptions really is something in the industry. haha!

one of the things that started bothering me the moment i found out i was in is the fact that i am alone. yes, i am alone. o god. who says it's gonna be easy? haha! i mean i don't know how i will start building a relationship with a group of people who already have an established connection. they've been together for i don't know how long, then i'll suddenly get into the picture. the point is i am a newcomer. haha! well, what else can i do? i'm just gonna give it my all. i'll try to be nice, at least in the beginning. haha. then later on, i'll show them the evil me. haha! just kidding! seriously, i'll first try to feel the environment, see how things work there, and try to blend in in a way that i won't look as though i am pretending or something. haha! 

i think the people there are nice. most are approachable i guess. haha! i wish they won't give me a hard time. haha! as one employee there told me, they really want to train their interns. they provide them hands on training and they are treated as though they are already part of the company. it's a good and bad thing for me. well not really bad but scary. good in a way that i know i will get the training that i should get and scary in a sense that i don't know if i can handle whatever task they'll give me. haha! the least i can do is accomplish whatever is assigned to me with the best of my ability. haha! 

good luck to me. i hope i won't be the cause of any problem there, i hope not. haha!


  1. you can do it sugah... sure you'll not mess up! that face?! danggg. hahaha

  2. .'haha! yea sure. nobody's gonna screw up. haha!



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