Thursday, October 27, 2011


102211. saturday. 

o yes. i just finished the second book in the women's murder club series by james patterson. haha! 

it's a great way to start my sembreak. opening another patterson novel is like getting back on track since i had been taking a break from all the brutal and quizzical stories. this semester had been an exhausting one so i felt like i couldn't handle it anymore if i'd be reading such complicated stories that would drain my brain. haha! if you remember, the most recent i've read were memoirs of a geisha and the wedding. both were far different from patterson's genre. haha! 

big thanks to julie and her cousin for lending the book. haha!

anyways, 2nd chance is another book you won't drop the moment you open page one. haha. it left me clueless until i reached the last pages. again, it makes you believe that you figured out everything but then you start realizing that no, he's not it. it's like you know the suspect is not the real killer but you just can't figure out who he really is which is oh so frustrating. haha! patterson is the man. haha! i can say that i really love this women's murder club series. i'm enjoying it. what makes me like it is how patterson puts emotional attachment with the story, may it be romantic or parental attachment, to think that these novels are about killings. he gets to find the balance between two contrasting themes. haha! i believe that's what makes the series more attractive to me. in 1st to die, it is lindsay's attachment to chris. here, it is lindsay's attachment to his father. see what i mean? haha!

2nd chance is about the case of numerous murders of black cops or anybody related to them. at first, they thought it was the cop who was jailed for killing a teenager. hell no. they were wrong. haha! here's where the story of lindsay and his father gets in the picture. haha! i don't wanna be the spoiler so better read if you wanna know. haha! 

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