Thursday, September 15, 2011

pasta to death

a friend told me about this "cool" promo at joey pepperoni. pasta all you can, man! i love PASTAs! for only P149 you can already indulge yourself with pasta! and that's not all. if you're able to consume 10 plates in one and a half hours, you won't have to pay plus you'll get a pizza for free! haha! sounds pretty awesome, right? haha. that was what we thought at first too.

jotie, ago, jusz, yvonne, and i went straight to joey pepperoni after doing thesis at school. we were all excited as we ordered. our first order was penne and cheese except for jotie who had classic filipino spaghetti.

buo-buo pa yung noodles e. haha.

we were all enjoying the food except for one. jusz only had one plate because she wasn't that hungry when we ate. bad for her. she wasn't able to enjoy the promo. haha. our next choice of pasta was classic filipino spaghetti then jotie had penne and cheese. it was at this time when we were already feeling heaviness in our stomachs. oh no! haha. 

then, yvonne said she wouldn't be ordering again 'coz she's already full. but...we said no! we said that she still had to order. so we called the waitress and told her our orders including yvonne's. haha! she wasn't able to stop us no matter how hard she tried. haha! then came our orders. yvonne and i had penne and cheese while ago and paminta jotie had the pesto cream. yvonne was hopeless that time because she didin't  know how she'd be able to empty the plate. if she wouldn't eat it all, she'll be charged for it. poor yvonne. she almost reached that point when she would fill her spoon with a bunch of pasta then swallow it all without chewing then drink iced tea right after so she won't puke! haha. ago and jotie got disappointed with pesto cream! they didn't like it. they weren't really into veggies and it so happened that pesto cream's ingredients were mostly vegetables. haha!

si jotie, ago at yvoone after we ate. haha. maduwal-duwal na si yvonne e.
nagka-phobia na ata sila sa pasta. haha.

jotie and yvonne ended up hating pasta. it's as though they got traumatized. haha. it still was FUN, FUN,FUN!

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