Thursday, September 1, 2011

KFC chillin'

082711. we had our get together once again. haha! after class, we all met for dinner at KFC. joson, faith, jusz, che,archelle, kevin, bernard and me. 

che made the effort to wait for us. isn't it sweet. haha. she was already there by 12 noon and we arrived by maybe 6:30 or 7 pm. haha! good thing archelle was there to keep her company. haha! 

i was glad faith came too. she rarely gets to be with us every time we have get-togethers like this one. she'd always say she's busy. and i'm like "what about us? we're busy too!" haha! forget it. what's important is at least she was able to make it that tine. haha! actually, she lost weight somehow. it was very noticeable maybe because we don't really see each other that much. she said it's caused by stress and depression. haha!

we always find time to make sure that we still get to hang out together no matter how hectic our schedules maybe. haha! 

the lovers. haha! for the second time, kevin was with us. haha! i really find him funny. haha! hope he  makes it whenever we have get-togethers. haha!

we only dined at KFC, chatted for a little time then left. haha! that's it! we don't have to be spending many hours. being together even for just a little times is enough. haha!

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