Sunday, September 25, 2011

cool desperation in prayer. haha!

before our final defense last september 10, 2011, we prayed hard. actually, it was part of our novena. but sadly, we weren't able to complete the nine-day prayer 'cause we barely got the chance to always meet at school in complete attendance. some had projects, some had interviews, some had applications, some did research. o god. can't even remember the last time we did not have anything to do at all. every day is always jam-packed with projects and activities. haha!

going back on that final prayer before the day of our defense, we gathered at mass comm lab. we were all there, actually not all but every group at least had one representative. hehe.

then, someone joked (as far as i can remember, it was kreng). she threw the copy of their final manuscript on the floor and asked that we pray over their thesis. we all laughed! haha! then, we all realized why not do it? why not compile everything in the middle and pray them over? and so we did it. haha! then, i suddenly realized we don't have a hard copy of our thesis yet. what to do? haha! my light bulb blinked! i went to the middle where the compiled manuscripts were and put my 512 MB flash drive!(haha, don't you try to belittle my 512 mb flash drive. it was my companion for the last four years of my stay in college. haha.) there's where a copy of our thesis was. haha! everybody laughed. then, the other groups who didn't have the hard copy yet just put their laptops and  flash drives there too. it only showed how desperate everybody was at that moment, how badly we all wanna pass. 

manuscripts, flashdrives, laptops, a bag containg thesis. we're crazy! haha!

that is how we really are. we always know to whom to turn to in times of need and to whom to give the glory after every victory. well at least, the desperation bloomed into a good outcome for everyone! haha!

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