Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tagaytay 2015: Pre-Christmas Eve Party Uphill


But first, two more backlogs from Christmas 2015 before I completely move on to this awesome new year! :)

SO! With only a day left before Christmas Eve, I was able to squeeze in coming with my extended family for an overnight party in Tagaytay City. It was a spontaneous trip to the hills just to really get us into that chilly and breezy Christmas mood. Brrr!
Tagaytay did not disappoint. We arrived there late in the afternoon just in time for the beautiful changing of the clouds’ colors with the mountain view below them. The blowing winds swayed the trees. The only sounds I could hear were those from the moving leaves, the birds, the insects, and the humans. It was so quiet. Being in a high position and along a cliff, our location provided for great viewing of Taal Lake and the rest of Batangas and Laguna, and I took advantage of the opportunity.  
It was like we were out on camping. Our location was part of Tagaytay’s secluded area. Houses were few and far from each other. There were more trees than there were people. Water was scarce. Our food was basic. Internet was almost nonexistent. Some of us slept in a tent. Some stayed in a little unpolished church. We all relied to each other to have a good time.   
Whilst the night was still young, games were played and gifts were exchanged for gifts. Meals took place more than twice. And as the night turned deep, we were able to feel just how cold it could really get up there this season. The wind was so strong that it felt like we were being hit by a typhoon even when it was just like any other December night in Tagaytay.   
The following morning, we woke up to the foggy view of the mountains from afar, and it was beautiful. The cold wind slapping my face was enough to completely awaken me. That morning was basically allotted for packing.
Before heading home, we stopped over at Picnic Grove for a quick lunch and sightseeing. Then off to our own homes we went to celebrate Christmas Eve!
Thank you to the kind residents/caretakers of the church who attended to all our needs! Thank you also to my extended family for the invitation. I hope it won’t be the last. :)
Photos by EJ Dela Cruz and yours truly! :)

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