Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Happy List: Random List #3

So many good things have happened lately. And though it may feel a little too soon for another Happy List (since there have only been two posts since the last one), I am so happy I got to let the emotion out.

  1. Setting aside my laptop, for once, to actually write on my personal leather journal because: (a) my penmanship’s already getting bad and I don’t like my crooked handwriting and (b) it’s sometimes more stimulating to the mind to have a pen in hand to stroke on paper
  2. New Vans sneakers with gum sole
  3. Potatoes with melted cheese x pancakes with chocolate syrup
  4. Ice creams and chocolates
  5. Riding the penny board farther than two meters without falling. Achievement!
  6. Weird as it may be, the smell of gasoline filling the tank, sniffs with eyes closed
  7. The motivation that results to daaaaays of no softdrinks in my system
  8. Randomly hugging the taller and bigger pamangkins despite their being against it (Haha!)
  9. Suits S03, so much drama going on in this season but so much happiness in being able to catch up on where things stand with Harvey, Mike, Louis, Jessica, and Donna.
  10. Plans that make me look forward to the coming days
  11. Ber months! The sight of Christmas displays brings nothing but joy to my heart
  12. Days that are just so perfect – because I am lucky enough to have them
In the many random, uneventful, ordinary days lie little things, which when collectively thought of, make the heart skip a beat in delight.

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