Thursday, January 2, 2014

Diamond Christmas!

So this is the kind of Christmas you get when you celebrate it with your friends for 10 years (give or take a few) – priceless. J
Thank you to the these girls for their effort!
Fluffy Muffin! I don't like dogs, but I have to admit this one's really cute. Hahaha!
It was mostly a time of merrily looking back (with a little pinch in the heart) at the things we used to do and the people we used to be when we were still in high school. I wonder why the jokes and embarrassments of the past never get old and become golden through years instead. They start out as funny and awkward memories, and then eventually you realize they are actually the things that will forever make high school one of the highlights of anyone’s life. J
Capturing moments.
Through songs, games, photos, and retelling we tried to relive and remake high school. And while doing all these, we realize how long ago it has all been even when they only feel like yesterday. The memories are that crystal clear.
Same old shy me and Katrina. :)
Game time!
Must be love! Hahaha!
Classic! Haha!
And now we see each other all grown up. Well, most of us at least. J Some try to catch up while some are still as carefree as can be. We see the contrast and comparison of ourselves in the past and today. We see something beautiful.
I’m glad to have seen the faces of these people again. I’m glad to have celebrated Christmas with them. J

Merry Christmas! xo

*Big thanks to Froiland, Katrina and Joson for the photos!

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