Friday, December 13, 2013

The Bieb

  • I think this is worth sharing;
  • My sugar love Antoniette did this;
  • This is my way of showing her how much this means to me;
  • Just looking at it makes me so happy;
  • I’m mababaw like this. BWAHA! J;
  • What the hell, this is Justin Bieber hugging me for Chrissakes! (Hahaha!),

I am posting this beautiful and priceless sketch.
The funniest thing about this drawing is the impression it makes that while Justin so happily and tightly hugs me, I am just making that face as though I am annoyed by what he’s doing. AS IF. HAHAHAHA! I wonder whether Ago did that on purpose or what. Haha! Thank you, sugar!
#sorrynotsorry #yesiloveBieber #nohate #dontjudge #hahaha

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