Saturday, December 28, 2013

Potluck Christmas

After one month of not seeing them, I finally got the chance to catch up with my Abakom peeps again! And it was a long, memorable and fun catch-up night indeed. J

Of course I was late. Of course! But this time it was not intentional. I mean, I knew I would be late, but I didn’t know I would be that late. Jusz and I arrived at the party three hours after it began. We already missed out on a lot of happy moments! Too bad. L But hey, we still made it, so that’s still something worth celebrating. J Haha!
This thing that we started doing since last year is now surely an annual happening that every one of us looks forward to. It’s not just a time of giving and receiving; it’s also a time for celebrating everything that we have done together in the last 12 months of our lives – the trips, the adventures, the gatherings. Now that we look back at all the things we, my college dear loves and I, have been through together, we realize that this year has been pretty awesome and eventful. There have been birthday celebrations, baptisms, outings, and meetings among the other smaller but just as memorable things in between. J  
There’s one thing that I realized that night. Actually it was not that night; it was something that struck me a long time ago, but that night just reaffirmed that realization to me. We can be having our separate lives now. Everyone has his/her own things to contend with. But while all these life flashes are happening, we will still not turn our back on each other, not on what we have built.
This friendship is here to stay.

*Big thanks to Jerome, Camille and Kreng for the photos!

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