Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wed, Bless & Feast

Two weekends were merrily spent with college friends in celebration of three special occasions – a wedding, a christening and a fiesta. Interestingly, none of these events could’ve happened if not for one person, Joyann.J

Let’s talk about the Sancebuche - Canario Nuptial first.
She has that glow. :)
Tapang (as we used to call Joyann because of her naturally angry tone when speaking haha!) and MJ sealed their love as they exchanged vows in front of the altar last July 28. This was also special to us because she’s the first in our batch to get married. We were all happy to have witnessed this life-changing moment.J
Congratulations, Joyann and MJ! 
When we saw the romantic set-up of the church, that was when it hit us. It was really happening. And then when MJ and Tapang arrived separately, we couldn’t help the chills and tears anymore. It all suddenly felt real to everyone.
And because all of us are hopeless romantics inside, we couldn’t help wondering how our wedding in the future would look like.

The motif has been decided, the gown designed, the venue selected, and the entourage lined up. Everything’s set except for the groom. Oh well, we can worry about him later. Hahaha! Silliness!

That day left us dreaming and imagining our own ideal weddings.

But that Sunday did not end with the nuptial alone. It was immediately followed by the baptism of their baby, Ian.
Isn't he an angel?
Baby Ian is the fruit of the newlyweds’ love. He’s the new center of attention of the family. How could he not be? He has a very sweet and charming face like that of an angel. Everybody wants a piece of Baby Ian. What a beautiful blessing. May he grow a healthy, lovely and God-fearing kid.J
Wow, everybody is getting married and having kids already. I still can’t believe it. It’s all happening too soon. I can’t keep up, and I don’t think I’m ready for any of it yet. Haha!
And then, there was the fiesta last Aug. 11.

Every year we look forward to this awesome day. Friends, videoke, cordon bleu – what’s not to love? For three straight years, we have been going to the Sancebuches’ home to join in the feast of Sta. Clara and indulge ourselves in the scrumptious buffet they have prepared.
This fiesta has become a tradition for us. While looking like a normal gathering for people on the outside, it is also one of the things we can look back at to trace the changes we’ve had over the years. Year after year we do this, and year after year there’s something different. The Sancebuche home have witnessed the changes, and Sta. Clara’s feast can attest to that.

Thank you to Joyann and the rest of the Sancebuche family for opening their home to us. xoxo

*Thanks to Monica and Jerome for the photos!

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