Friday, May 20, 2016

The Happy List: Random List #8

While I write some of my happy lists in one sitting, it takes me days to make them most of the time because I either instantly get mental block or I still have to think of ways to squeeze in all my happiness in but a short list (cos I like keeping it that way) or sometimes I feel I don’t have much cheery things to write about (cos, admit it, there really are just days like that). This one was written from Tuesday until Friday today.

  1. Two simple gifts for Mom last Mother’s day, belated Happy Mother’s Day to all sorts of moms out there btw!
  2. The feast of St. Isidore (even though I ended up getting LBM, ew, haha)
  3. Buns with cream cheese
  4. Election day and it being a quick and successful one in general
  5. Still election-related, seeing my online friends get really involved in sharing the pros and cons of candidates and become critical in choosing who to vote for (at least the way I see it) Personally, I could say I was able to make a well-researched vote
  6. Opening This is a Crazy Planets Book 2 by Lourd de Veyra and learning so much from it, I was won over after two essays, and see that little turtle bookmark peeping in the photo above, I got that as a souvenir for myself from Caramoan, isn’t it cute?!
  7. Tearing up over the confrontation between Steve and Lisa near the end of the Steve Jobs movie and that poignant scene when Cooper was reviewing all the video backlogs until he got to Murph’s in Interstellar, awww
  8. Burgers in local burger joints around
  9. Making up after a fight
  10. Knowing that boredom will soon fade away because it’s almost the weekend, and you know what weekends are for #beaching
  11. TGIF

Happy weekend to all of us! Let us enjoy the remaining days of this summer!

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