Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Happy List: Random List #7

With the recently concluded Valentine’s Day, I know everyone’s still high in love and joy. I must admit I’m one of those who still carry all the good vibes from the weekend with them up until this Thursday. It’s so good a feeling! :) This electric happiness is probably what also gave way to me suddenly having an urge to immortalize some cheerful things through writing. Also, while I want to talk about what that took place that solid day, I don't feel like going into so much details as well, so I’ll just use some numbers here to share bits about it.
  1. Valentine’s Day! Thankful as always that it keeps on getting better and better every year! This time it was basically composed of a simple rooftop dinner date with takeouts. Did everything turn out entirely the way it should be? No. Was it less perfect? Definitely not. It was way better
  2. And then, like having intertwined brains, the boyf and I happened to coincidentally surprise each other with homemade desserts, literal sweetness overload as millennials would like to call it
  3. Bouquet of flowers because bouquet of frigging flowers!!! *insert heart-shaped eyes here*
  4. Mom’s cute Valentine gift, a different kind of sweet :)
  5. My social life coming to life in the form of UPLB Feb Fair 2016 where I was able to sing, dance, stroll, and laugh the night away. I got to reunite and catch up with my kapatid, Julie, too. It was like college all over again, this thing that has become our tradition, sort of
  6. Having my appetite back (sans the bloated-ness that resulted from enjoying its being back so much)
  7. Hair treatments/pamper days
  8. Justin Bieber’s recent live performances on YouTube
  9. Three novels I’ve read since January (excited for more)
  10. Random hangouts at home
  11. If we’re talking about checking out something that shocked me, it’s definitely Making A Murderer Season 1

It would be really cool if everyday would feel like Valentine’s Day, so let’s try! :) 

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