Monday, July 20, 2015


Two days ago, the July post-birthday hurrah with the college mates took place at Nuvali Park, Sta. Rosa. This month couldn’t have ended without any celebration with them, almost obligatory because, hey, we’ve been doing these for several years already.
So, uhm, we were just four (Justine, Yvonne, Jerome and me), but it almost felt like we brought a whole bus with us because we were just so loud, too loud actually that some people at the restaurant turned their heads to us while we were eating and talking and the driver scolded us while laughing so hard because of some gross stories. LOL!
It was an afternoon of much-enjoyed carb meals at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things, conyo comedy over late lunch, discussions of realizations from immature days back in college, strip walks, picnic on the grass sans the food (because we were already full), people-watching/judging (come on, don’t act the saint LOL), Yvonne’s camera moments while making fun of us, heart-to-hearts re: family matters, and frappes for a chill nightcap.
We all went home with pained jaws, ripped side lips and sweaty underarms in exchange for a dose of good old belly laughs, enough to get us through the days ahead until the next weekend social.

Happy birthday to us – Jusz, Yvonne, Jonas, Paul, and Joanah! July people are such balls of fun!


Photos by Justine Dador, Yvonne Prudente and your truly!

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