Saturday, December 27, 2014

“D” Party

Like what my high school pals and I do every year, we have thrown a mini-party for the Christmas season to reminisce our cherished HS memories and celebrate the feats we have achieved this year. We like bullying and admiring each other at the same time. 
School project! :)
You couldn’t have expected anything less.
Hibek and Vangie!
Che and Jusz!
Froiland, Joson, Alexa, and Katrina!
Vangie hosted the games. There were those surely tailor-made for couples. Said games exposed the possessive girlfriends in the group, hugging and keeping to themselves what’s theirs while pushing away those who ever wish to even just touch their guys. Lol! Of course she couldn’t leave out the singles to grieve alone. There was also a game for them, singles edition! Haha!
Personalized cupcake c/o Faith!
And since I like tackling the has-beens of past celebrations and the new stuff this year, I have observed a few notable things. Our attendance was record breaking this time! It’s really nice to know that each year we grow more and more in attendance. My mates really made the effort despite their tight schedule. Aw. Haha! More to the point, we were more because they brought along someone with them. Boyfriends showed up. Hooray to everyone enjoying their love life this Christmas! Haha! But not just boyfriends, we also had a baby present that night, say whaaat. The delicious and so good-smelling Baby Miesha played with us too. Parties are more fun with boyfies and babies around, that I can say now for sure!
Diemond? Chritmas? Whaaaaat?
Katrina and Julie!
Shout out to the supergirls Krizia and Justine for letting their patience and love for everyone prevail to successfully hold the Christmas party! Fistbump! 

Also very grateful to Hibek for accommodating us in their very nice home. He had no qualms nor complaints when our loud mouths entered their territory. We could be really loud as in loud-loud, you know. Sorry, neighbors! That was just one night. Haha! Maybe next year again?! *wink-wink

I’d also like to thank Faith for sponsoring the party when she was only supposed to give us souvenirs as gifts! She’s abroad, but she still wanted to partake in our celebration, and she did so grandly. Thank God for friends like her, hoping to have her here next year. 
Class picture!
The party was loud with everyone wanting to take over the moment, wild with all the fun-filled games we played, crazy with everyone who participated with such energy, and unforgettable with all the new memories we have created in those few hours.

This post is the reason why I love Christmas so much!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my Diamond Family!!!

*Big thanks to Froiland and Hibek for the lovely photos!

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