Thursday, March 15, 2012

great times with great people.

031612. thursday.

last saturday, my girlfriends from high school and i were once again reunited! we were supposed to have this date last wednesday, but due to some conflicts in our schedules, it was moved to saturday. haha! thank goodness, we pushed through with this. haha!

this date was set because we wanted to celebrate che's birthday(last mar. 8). 

che, jusz, faith, joson, alexa, me plus hibek. haha! hibek and faith bumped into each other and faith just took hibek with her. haha! i'm pretty sure hibek didn't regret he had dinner with us. haha!
the night was filled with laughter, tsismis, food, and photos (with friends like them, you can't do away with photos! o heck. hahaha.)!

we had pastas, salpicao, frappe, juice drinks, and cakes! the two slices of cake were che's treat while the blueberry cheesecake was hibek's. oh, i love treats! thanks to both of 'em! haha!
rochelle, the celebrator, was soo funny that night. she was sitting beside me so we had more time to talk and bond. every time she'd hear a nice song, she'd sing along with it and say "ang ganda talaga ng version e." haha!

it took us a lot before we got che's yes to getting us a cake. haha! she'd keep on saying she's got no more money and she had to save for her teeth. with all of us begging, she had no choice. in return, we said we'd pray for her teeth. haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHE.
hibek also shared something with us. man, this boy has got some problem. i feel bad for him. it's all right. everything will be okay again, hibek. you can still work that out. haha! 
they, or i mean we are mean girls. haha! by mean i mean we're the meanest. haha!
whaht do you think we're looking at and why do you think we were laughing? hmhm. can't tell you or else we're dead. haha!

everyone went home happy. haha! 

when will we see each other again? where? maybe in the parties of those who'd graduate soon. hahahaha!

we'll see!

*thanks to faith for the photos. 

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